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PhD Research

Transformer le vrombissement de Windsor en oeuvre musicale (TFO 24.7 May 28, 2018)

Vrombissement de Windsor : une oeuvre musicale sera enregistrée en 2018 (ICI Windsor September 17, 2017)

As it Happens (CBC national radio Aug August 26, 2015) about 20:50 in

De la musique de vrombissement (ICI Ontario Aug August 26, 2015)

Windsor Hum to star in musical PhD thesis (CBC News Windsor Aug August 26, 2015)

Le vrombissement de Windsor pourrait être transformé en musique (Radio-Canada Aug August 26, 2015)

Music PhD and the Windsor Hum (CBC Radio Windsor August 26, 2015)


Wait for Me, Daddy

University Wind Ensemble invited to play ‘Wait for Me, Daddy’ (UToday September 30, 2015)

New West composer brings special piece home (New Westminster Newsleader September 23, 2015)

New West set to celebrate Wait for Me Daddy photo’s anniversary (New Westminster Record August 27, 2015)

Wait for Me Daddy inspires musical composition (New Westminster Newsleader January 28, 2015)