5-8 September / EMS17: Communication in/through Electroacoustic Music – Nagoya City University, School of Architecture and Design (Nagoya, Japan) Navigating the noisescape: Repurposing unwanted sounds to raise awareness through sonic art

September / 2017 Annual Alberta Dance Festival – Pumphouse Theatre (Calgary, AB) Of Light


12 May / Confounding Expectations: Celebrating 150 Years of Music in Canada – Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary (Calgary) Canada Listens: Soundscape Composition, Soundwalks, and the World Soundscape Project

29 April / BEAST FEaST 2017 – University of Birmingham (Birmingham, UK) Music in Language

19 February / Impuls Festival – MUMUTH Studiobühne (Graz, Austria) ALMAT sound installation II

18 February / Impuls Festival – HDA: Haus der Architektur (Graz) ALMAT sound installation I


30 September / Graduate Studies Colloquium – Craigie Hall, Doolittle Studio, University of Calgary (Calgary) LFN and the Cymatic Hum

15 September / Beakerhead 2016 – Visualization Studio, 4th floor, TFDL University of Calgary  (Calgary) Visualizing Imperceivable Sound

12 May / Confounding Expectations: Music and Multiculturalism – Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary (Calgary) Multicultural Transmissions: The Zeitgeist of Electroacoustic Radio Art

10 April / Seeing Sound 4 – Bath Spa University (Bath Spa, UK) Cymatic Representation of a “Mysterious” Noise Pollution

6 March / Ncounters Graduate Conference: Ideas + Music – University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB) Schizophonic Art Culture from Phonography to Radiophonics

11 February / Chamber Music Concert – UofC String Quartet – Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary (Calgary) Of Light


22 November / Canada Music Day – Cello Concert of Canadian Music ft. Clara Shandler – The Grind & Gallery Coffee Bar (Vancouver, BC) Sidewalk Blues

8 October / UofC Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Band Concert – Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary (Calgary) Wait For Me, Daddy

3 October / Wait for Me, Daddy Redux – UofC Wind Ensemble – Anvil Centre (New Westminster, BC) Wait For Me, Daddy

2 October / John Roberts & Music in Canada – Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary (Calgary) Reflection: Interviews with John Roberts on Stravinskyʼs visits to Canada and the important participation of the CBC

2 October / UofC Wind Ensemble – New Westminster Secondary School (New Westminster) Wait For Me, Daddy

21 August / TIES 2015 – lecture/recital at the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium – Artscape Wychwood Barns, (Toronto, ON) Mockingbird: Confessions of an Abstracted Aural Documentary

26 June / EMS 2015: The Art of Electroacoustic Music – University of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK) Abstracted Aural Documentaries: Featuring Socio-political Content in Electroacoustic Works

21 March / Ncounters Graduate Conference – University of Alberta (Edmonton) The Developing Voice: Adventures in Electroacoustic Activism

20 March / Graduate Studies Colloquium – Craigie Hall – University of Calgary (Calgary)

12 February / NASA Conference – UofC Wind Ensemble – Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary (Calgary) Wait For Me, Daddy

29 January / Forms of Sound Festival – UofC Wind Ensemble – Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary (Calgary) Wait For Me, Daddy


22 October / MusicAcoustica 2014 Electroacoustic Music Festival – Conservatory of Music (Beijing, China) A Matter of Life

20 September / See You or Something in September – New Music Edmonton (Edmonton) Frankenguerilla & Ritual

12 August / Coast X Coast – electroacoustic lecture/recital, Canadian Music Centre (Toronto, ON)

6 June / Quatuor Bozzini – Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, SFU (Vancouver) Of Light (Four Penny Pocket)

3 April / Victoria Symphony Composer’s Workshop – conducted by Tania Miller – Alix Goolden Hall (Victoria, BC) Northwest Passage

23 March / Ncounters Graduate Conference – lecture/recital – University of Alberta (Edmonton) Mockingbird : An Acousmatic Profile of the Occupy Wall Street Movement in 8-Channels

21 March / Now Hear This – festival of new music (Semi/Conductor) – New Music Edmonton (Edmonton) Would You Like Fries With That?

16 February / Coast X Coast – electroacoustic lecture/recital – The Great Hall, Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary (Calgary)

22 January / Graduate Mix – Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary (Calgary) Would You Like Fries With That?